Sunday, May 10, 2009

Best Bars and Drinks in LA

Cocomero at Pizzeria Ortica
Photo Courtesy of Tangbro

Hello All,

I'm conducting a little survey for the best places to go for drinks and happy hours in LA. Please help me out by adding the places you'd take people for a night out. I'm looking for places with hip specialty drinks, great atmosphere, stellar bar food, whatever you think makes a good watering hole. My goal is to get a list of 100 at least.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments below.



gourmetpigs said...

These places don't serve food but:
1. Seven Grand: Mint Julep. And basically whatever they make is good.
2. Tiki Ti: Missionary's Downfall is my fave, among other great tiki drinks
3. The Varnish

Places w food:
STK: Green Intensity, uva caipirinha

mattatouille said...

Rivera, Varnish, Seven Grand, Church & State, Copa D'oro all have fantastic drinks and are our go-to places. All should be avoided on weekends.

Kung Food Panda said...

I agree with Varnish. I'm a fan of the place.

jenni h said...

My favs:
Copa d'Oro
Fig (has a happy hour, literally. 5-6 but some good cocktails)
Yea, thirdsy the Varnish
Seven Grand

Other LA spots that might be fun for the list:
Tiki Ti
Dresden Room

Spots that are a miss:
Cabo Cantina
Hustons/Banderas (measured pours=no bueno)

great idea for the list! sounds epic. looking forward to it

roobnla said...

Osteria Mozza - bourbon with lemon and fennel amazing!