Thursday, March 11, 2010

"I Want to Send Your More Jerky!"

"I Want to Send Your More Jerky!" The subject line in my inbox caught my eye. Surprisingly, it didn't go straight to spam with a subject title like that. But no, this wasn't an advertisement for fake Rolexes or male enhancement pills, was launching a new product and wanted to send me a sample.

I had previously received dried pineapple jerky from before, but didn't have a chance to try the beef jerky or their turkey jerky products. Actually, the Exotic Jerky Pack caught my eye in my first encounter with the website. I'm always a fan of game; buffalo, venison, ostrich, and alligator certainly fit the bill.

This time, offered to send me their new sweet and spicy orange and mango jerkies pictured above. I opened the bag and was hit by a wave of comforting meaty aroma (Is it bad to indulge in the smell of dried meat?). I preferred the orange flavor to the mango. The orange was much more subtle, with just a lingering citrus complement. It hit the beefy craving that manifested with that first whiff from the bag. The mango jerky had a much stronger spicy kick and was fruitier in composition. Fruity certainly, but I wasn't getting mango. If there was mango flavor, it was blocked out by the spice and the beef.

Mango on the left, orange on the right

I glanced at the ingredients list for the jerky and found some familiar items--beef, soy sauce, mirin, balsamic vinegar, wocestershire sauce, molasses, anchovy puree, liquid smoke, and orange and mango respectively. Since the brand touts its premium ingredients I wanted to check myself for anything extremely foreign. No glaring science experiment preservatives, which is a good sign when you're looking at something that should be naturally preserved.

Check out the site! Looks like they even have free shipping. And with a domain name like that, you can bet they know what they're doing.



Kung Food Panda said...

I need to look at my email more carefully in the future!

gourmetpigs said...

ooh nice! I liked the pineapple jerky from there, but like you I was really curious about the exotic meat selection. This one sounded really good too, though. Which makes me want to try the exotic meat ones even more ..