Friday, August 27, 2010

Stick Blender Experiences?

I'm thinking of buying this Cuisinart Smart Stick Blender. My apartment is currently under-served in the chopping to pureeing department. I'm getting tired of being stuck between grinding ingredients to a pulp in my mortar and pestle and chopping up a mess. Also, I have space issues and I can't stand gadget clutter on my counters or kitchen tables. Even better, I would love to be able to puree soups. I need all the space I can get, especially in my tiny New York kitchen. No counter space for a blender or food processor. Stick might be the way to go. Anyone else have a stick blender? How has it worked for you?


shanky said...

That's a nice thing to use in kitchen. Making Food is easier with this blender. Thanks for the information

H. C. said...

haha, speaking of which my roommate's got a stick blender that hasn't been touched in years--maybe I should test it with a pureed soup recipe (albeit one that I wouldn't mind eating in glops and chunks should the blender be in RIP condition)