Monday, March 31, 2008

Gaby's Mediterranean

10445 Venice Blvd
Culver City, CA 90034

Adequately Fed: $15

Leban* (yogurt drink, not sweet at all if that's what you expected like me)
Jillab****(raspberry date drink, tastes like you're drinking a Bath & Body Works)
Baba ghanoush** (resembles eggplant hummus, too intense without sufficient pita bread)
Lamb Kabob****
Chicken Shawarma****
(Out of Five Stars)

First impression: "where the hell's the restaurant? Oh, it's this tent looking thing in the parking lot." Gaby's Mediterranean does indeed consist entirely of outdoor patio seating. On the particular night we went, it was a little cold for outdoor seating, but the tent was well heated with multiple heat lamps placed throughout the complex. The outdoor atmosphere was conducive to the hookah that the table next to us was using however.

We were served a basket of pita bread with a side of something resembling bruschetta. They refill the basket, so make sure you don't fill up completely on that. I ordered the baba ghanoush because I always wondered what it was. It complimented the pita quite nicely, but it gradually became overwhelming.

The portions of their entrees were generously large. This is when you should have heeded my warning before and avoided eating too much of the bread. Both the chicken and lamb came with salad and rice. The chicken dish had a dallop of what I conjectured to be garlic paste and sour cream, but it went excellently with the chicken. The lamb was well-marinated and grilled to perfection.

For a little Mediterranean tastes away from the overpopulated Italian peninsula, consider what Gaby's can offer you in Lebanese food. From what I understand, Gaby's is also opened late. It would make an excellent place to get good food after normal dinner hours.

Recommended: Good place to hang out with a group of friends. Go on a warm night however.

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