Monday, March 31, 2008


3103 W Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 9150

Adequately Fed: $8

Garlic Bread*****
Greek Salad*
Veal Parmigana**
(Out of Five Stars)

First off, this is more deli than restaurant. You go up to a counter and order from items placed out in steam trays then bring your food to a table. This restaurant is actually attached to the Monte Carlo deli. From what I understand, Pinnochio is Southern-Italian cuisine.

The food is not particularly appetizing. It is better than Italian fast-food like Sbarro, but not by much. The salad was soggy and under-flavored, probably as a result of sitting in the large tray for too long. The veal was plain and unexpressive for so delicious a meat. However, the saving grace of taste was the garlic bread. Hot from the oven, this was the best garlic bread I have ever had. Two pieces come with your order, but I would not be adverse to ordering extra. At least the mediocre food comes cheap with each entree under $10 and the sandwiches even cheaper. You really do get what you pay for.

Although I would not recommend Pinnochio for its steam tray entrees, I would recommend it for its gelato and sobrettos. For $2.95 you can get five small scoops of any flavor. Between our two five-scoop samplers, I had amaretto, chocolate hazelnut, vanilla bean, tiramisu, dulce de leche, pistachio, mango, passion fruit, coconut and a cherry flavor that I have forgotten. In retrospect, I would not recommend you get five separate flavors, but rather focus on a few choice combinations so as not to get overwhelmed.

We took home two supposedly homemade cannolis. They were deliciously crisp with chocolate chips. The baked goods are highly recommended.

There was a small parking lot in the back as well as available street parking. The servers were helpful and in good spirits.

Recommended: Either come here for a quick, affordable lunch or stop by after dinner for gelato and cannolis.

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